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Organizations & Markets Workshop

This workshop focuses on the sociology of organizations, networks, and markets. A wide variety of topics are addressed, including how organizations operate, why they differ, how they emerge from prior organizations, how future growth depends on position in a structure of other organizations and how people survive and thrive within organizations.

Anyone interested in these topics is welcome to attend the workshop. Graduate student participation is strongly encouraged. The workshop room, Classroom C-24, is located on the concourse level, on the northeast side, near the North Elevators, in the Charles M. Harper Center.

Whenever possible, papers are made available in advance of the workshop. To download a paper, click on the highlighted text. For further information, or to schedule time to meet with an outside speaker, please email the workshop coordinator for the Spring quarter,

Upcoming Workshops

Tuesdays 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Please note that remaining Organizations and Markets Workshops (from 2/24 to 3/24/09) will be now held in the Harper Center Classroom C-24.

Winter Quarter 2009

Date Speaker Title of Talk
Jan. 13 Peter Younkin, UC Berkeley "Making the Market: How the American Pharmaceutical Industry Transformed Itself during the 1940's"
Jan. 20 Pierre Azoulay, MIT "Superstar Extinction" with Joshua Graff Zivin and Jialan Wang
Jan. 27 Tanya Menon, UofC "Superstitious about Competition: Seeing Friendly Rivals as Jinxing and Contaminating" (with Oliver J. Sheldon and Adam Galinsky)
Feb. 3

Michael Hannan, Stanford (workshop in C-03)

(second paper entitled "Typecasting")
Feb. 10 Frank Dobbin, Harvard "Some Unintended Consequences of Equal Opportunity Law" (no paper)
Feb. 17 No Meeting  
Feb. 24 Tim Simcoe, Toronto "What's in a (Missing) Name? Status and Signaling in Open Standards Development" (with Dave Waguespack and Lee Fleming)
Mar. 3 Mario Small, UofC "What Is a Close Friend? Deduction and Induction in the Study of Friendship Networks" (no paper)
Mar. 10 Don Palmer, UC Davis "Power Corrupts, but How? An Analysis of Andy Fastow's Illegal Special Purpose Entities at Enron Corporation" (with Michael Maher -- no paper)
Mar. 17 Chris Winship, Harvard "Social Science in the Courtroom: What Should the Rules Be?"
(second paper by Bielby)
(third paper)
Mar. 24 Toby Stuart, Harvard "Social Influence Given (Partially) Deliberate Matching: Career Imprints in the Creation of Academic Entrepreneurs"

Past Workshops


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