Curriculum Vitae
Austan Goolsbee
Robert P. Gwinn Professor of Economics
University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
5807 S. Woodlawn Ave, Chicago, IL 60637



University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
Robert P. Gwinn Professor of Economics, 2005-present
.......Professor of Economcs, 2001-present
.......Associate Professor of Economics, 1999-2001
.......Assistant Professor of Economics, 1995-1999

Ph.D., economics, Massachusetts Institue of Technology, 1995
M.A./B.A., economics, Yale University, Summa Cum Laude and with distinction, 1991

Member, Economic Advisory Panel to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 2012-present
Strategic Partner, economic intelligence unit of 32 Advisors, 2012-present
Economics Consultant, ABC News, 2011-present
Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, 2001-present
Faculty Research Fellow, 1997-2001

Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers, Washington, D.C., 2010-2011
.......Member, 2009-2010
Chairman, Economic Policy Committee, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Paris, France, 2010-2011
Chief Economist and Staff Director, President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, Washington, D.C., 2009-2011
Member, Panel of Economic Advisors to the Congressional Budget Office, 2007-2008
Senior Economic Adviser to the Obama Campaign, 2007-2009 (presidential campaign and transition), 2004 (U.S. Senate campaign, Illinois)
Member, U.S. Census Advisory Committee, 2001-2006
Special Consultant for Internet Policy, Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, 2000-2001
Economics Staff, Senator David Boren, Washington, D.C., 1991
Researcher, Macroeconomic Task Force for Polish Economic Restructuring, Warsaw, Poland, 1990

Research Fellow, American Bar Foundation, Chicago 1996-2009

Visiting Scholar (Fulbright), jointly at London School of Economics and Institute for Fiscal Studies, London, England, 2007
Columnist, New York Times (Economic Scene), 2006-2008
Columnist, Slate (The Dismal Science) 2005-2006
Lead Editor, Journal of Law and Economics, 2001-2004
Associate Editor, Law and Social Inquiry, 1997-2001
Visiting Scholar, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, 1999

Academic Honors, Awards, Invited Lectures
David Kinley Invited Lecture, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2012
Fulbright Scholar, 2007
PELS Invited Lecture, Harvard University, 2006
Fathauer Distinguished Lecture, University of Arizona, 2003
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow, 2000-2002

Lumina Award for Pioneering Research in E-Commerce (with co-author Jeffrey Brown), Global
Reinsurance, Monte Carlo, 2001
Centel Foundation/Robert P. Reuss Scholar, 2000
William M. Massee Prize (best academic grade record in economics), Yale University, 1991

Teaching Honors and Awards
One of the World's 50 Best Business School Professors, C-Change Media/Poets & Quants Magazine, 2012
One of the Outstanding Faculty/"Star" professors, BusinessWeek Guide to the Best Business Schools, 1999, 2001
Phoenix Award (exceptional contributions to education inside and outside the classroom), Chicago Booth, 1998

Grant, Kauffman Foundation, "The Survival of Entrepreneurs," 2005
National Science Foundation (SES0312749), "The Internet and Public Schools" (Jonathan Guryan, co-PI), 2003-2006
CAREER grant, National Science Foundation (SES9984567), 2000-2003
Grant, Kauffman Foundation, "Taxes and High-Tech Entrepreneurs," 1999
Grant, American Bar Foundation, "Tax Policy in the Open Economy," 1997-2000
Center for Energy and Economic Policy Research Fellowship, MIT 1994
National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, MIT 1991-1995

Other Honors and Awards
One of the Top Ten Most Intriguing Political Personalities of 2010, The New Yorker, December 2010
D.C.'s Funniest Celebrity, Washington D.C., 2009
One of the 40 Under 40, Crain's Chicago Business, 2006
One of the Financial Times' six Gurus of the Future/Best Under 40, September, 2005
Peter Lisagor Award for Exemplary Journalism, Society of Professional Journalists/Chicago Headline Club, 2005
One of the Young Global Leaders, World Economic Forum, Switzerland, 2005
One of the 100 Global Leaders for Tomorrow, World Economic Forum, Switzerand, 2002
One of the 30 Under 30, Chicago Sun-Times, 1999
National Debate Team of the Year (with partner, David Gray), American Parliamentary Debate Association, 1991
De Forest Prize (best public speaker), Yale University, 1991.

Higher Education
Chairman, Advisory Board to the Yale Program on Financial Stability, Yale University, 2013-present
Member, Committee on Conflict of Interest Policy and Review, University of Chicago, 2012-present
Policy Committee, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, 2004-2005; 2012-present
Advisory Council, Jackson Institute for International Affairs, Yale University, 2012-present
Council of the University Senate, University of Chicago, 2002-2005; 2006-2009
Committee to Advise the Trustees on the Selection of the President, University of Chicago, 2005-2006
Chairman, Faculty Advisory Committee on Research Infrastructure, 2004-2006

Secondary Schools
Board of Trustees, National Association of Urban Debate Leagues, 2013-present
Board of Trustees, University of Chicago Charter Schools Corporation, 2007-2009; 2012-present
Board of Trustees, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, 2008-2009; 2011-present
Board of Trustees, Milton Academy, Milton, Massachusetts, 2005-2008


Academic Articles

"Playing with Fire: Cigarettes Taxes and Competition from the Internet" (with Joel Slemrod, University of Michigan) American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, vol. 2, no.1: 131-153 (February 2010).

Are Durable Goods Consumers Forward Looking? Evidence from College Textbooks," (with Judy Chevalier, Yale University), Quarterly Journal of Economics 124 (4), (November 2009), 1853-1884.

"How Do Incumbents Respond to the Threat of Entry? The Case of Major Airlines" (with Chad Syverson, University of Chicago), Quarterly Journal of Economics, 123(4), (November 2008), 1611-33

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"World Wide Wonder? Measuring the (non-) Impact of Internet Subsidies in Public Schools," Education Next, Winter, 2006, 6(1), pp. 61-65

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"The Implications of Electronic Commerce for Fiscal Policy (and Vice Versa)," Journal of Economic Perspectives, Winter 2001, 15(1) 13-24.
--Reprinted in Cyber Policy and Economics in an Internet Age, William Lehr and Lorenzo Pupillo, eds., forthcoming Kluwer Academic Press

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"In a World Without Borders: The Impact of Taxes on Internet Commerce," Quarterly Journal of Economics, May 2000, vol 115(2), 561-576.  
Reprinted in The Internet Upheaval: Raising Questions, Seeking Answers in Communications Policy, Ben Compaine, ed., MIT Press.  
Translated and reprinted as "Limpatto dell'imposizione fiscale sul commercio elettronico negli USA: un'analasi econometrica" by Fiscalia vol. 1(2), 144-158.

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Microeconomics (with Steven Levitt and Chad Syverson). Worth Publishing, New York, New York, 835pp, 2012.

Other Publications

"James Heckman's Contributions to Law and Economics,"Law and Social Inquiry, Winter 2002, 27(1), 1-5.

“Comment” on James Hines and Adam Jaffe “International Taxation and the Location of Inventive Activity,“ in International Taxation, James Hines, ed, 2000. National Bureau of Economic Research and University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL.

"Review" of Fiscal Policy: Lessons from Economic Research, Alan Auerbach, ed. , MIT Press, 1998 in National Tax Journal, 51(2), June 1998, pp. 405 - 409.

American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Rand Journal of Economics, B.E. Press Journal in Economics Analysis and Policy, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Law and Economics, National Tax Journal, Journal of Industrial Economics, Review of Economic Dynamics, Economic Inquiry, Economic Journal, Journal of Public Economic Theory, International Taxation and Public Finance, Law and Society Review, Law and Social Inquiry, Journal of Accounting Research, National Science Foundation, Journal of Business.

Married (to Robin Winters Goolsbee), three children. .......