Prof. Burhaneddin Sandıkçı

Burhaneddin Sandıkçı

    Associate Professor of Operations Management

    The University of Chicago
    Booth School of Business
    Chicago, IL 60637
    Voice: 773.702.4514
    Fax: 773.702.0458

Research papers:

B. Sandıkçı, M. Çevik, and D.V. Schacht. Screening for breast cancer: The role of supplemental tests and breast density information. Submitted, 2018. [ PDF ]

B. Sandıkçı and O.Y. Ozaltın. A scalable bounding method for multi-stage stochastic programs. SIAM Journal on Optimization, 27(3), 1772-1800, 2017. [ PDF / DOI / Online Supplement ]

T.J. Best, B. Sandıkçı, D.D. Eisenstein, and D.O. Meltzer. Managing hospital bed capacity through partitioning care into focused wings. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 17(2), 157-176, 2015. [ PDF / DOI / Online Supplement ]

B. Sandıkçı, L.M. Maillart, A.J. Schaefer, and M.S. Roberts. Alleviating the patient's price of privacy through a partially observed model of the liver transplant waiting list. Management Science, 59(8), 1836-1854, 2013. [ PDF / DOI ]

M. Lubin, R.K. Martin, C. Petra, and B. Sandıkçı. On parallelizing dual decomposition in stochastic integer programming. Operations Research Letters, 41(3), 252-258, 2013. [ PDF / DOI ]

B. Sandıkçı, N. Kong, and A.J. Schaefer. A hierarchy of bounds for stochastic mixed-integer programs. Mathematical Programming, 138(1), 253-272, (2013). [ PDF / DOI ]

B. Sandıkçı. Reduction of a POMDP to an MDP. Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, (2009). [ PDF / DOI ]

B. Sandıkçı, L.M. Maillart, A.J. Schaefer, O. Alagoz, and M.S. Roberts. Estimating the patient's price of privacy in liver transplantation. Operations Research , 56(6), 1393-1410, (2008). [ PDF / DOI ]

B. Sandıkçı and I. Sabuncuoglu. Analysis of the behavior of the transient period in nonterminating simulations. European Journal of Operational Research, 173(1), 252-267, (2006). [ PDF / DOI ]

B. Sandıkçı and I. Sabuncuoglu (2005). "Warm-up period behavior in steady-state simulations," in Proceedings of the 35th International conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, pp.1681-1686.

Medical journals:
B. Tanriover, M.P. MacConmara, J.R. Parekh, C. Arce, S. Zhang, A. Gao, A. Mufti, S.-L. Levea, B. Sandıkçı, M. Ayvaci, V.K. Ariyamuthu, C. Hwang, S. Mohan, M. Mutlu, M.A. Vazquez, J.A. Marrero (2016). Simultaneous liver-kidney transplantation in liver transplant candidates with renal dysfunction: Importance of creatinine levels, dialysis, and organ quality in survival. Kidney International Reports, 1(4), 221-229, (2016). [ DOI ]

B. Tanriover, V. Jaikaransingh, M.P. MacConmara, J.R. Parekh, S.-L. Levea, V. Ariyamuthu, S. Zhang, A. Gao, M. Ayvaci, B. Sandıkçı, N. Rajora, V. Ahmed, C.Y. Lu, S. Mohan, M.A. Vazquez. Acute rejection rates and graft outcomes according to induction regimen among recipients of kidneys from deceased donors treated with tacrolimus and mycophenolate. Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 11(9), 1650-1661, (2016). [ DOI / Online supplement ]

B. Tanriover, R. Lakhia, Y.-M. Shen, B. Sandıkçı, R. Saxena, M. MacConmara, A.A. Soyombo, N. Rajora, M.A. Hardy. Characteristics and outcomes of renal transplant recipients with hemolytic uremic syndrome in the United States. Transplantation Direct, 1(10), e41-e49, (2015). [ DOI / Online supplement ]

B. Tanriover, S. Fernandez, E. Campenot, J.H. Newhouse, I. Oyfe, P. Mohan, B. Sandıkçı, J. Radhakrishnan, J.J. Wexler, M. Carroll, S. Sharif, D.J. Cohen, L.E. Ratner, M.A. Hardy. Live donor renal anatomic asymmetry and post-transplant renal function. Transplantation, 99(8), e66-e74, (2015). [ DOI / Online supplement ]

B. Tanriover, S. Zhang, M. MacConmara, A. Gao, B. Sandıkçı, M. Ayvaci, M. Mete, D. Tsapepas, N. Rajora, P. Mohan, R. Lakhia, C.Y. Lu, M. Vazquez. Induction therapies in live donor kidney transplantation on tacrolimus and mycophenolate with or without steroid maintenance. Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 10(6), 1041-1049, (2015). [ DOI / Online supplement ]
Editorial on the paper: A.C. Wiseman. Induction therapy in renal transplantation: Why? What agent? What does? We may never know.. Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 10(6), 923-925, (2015). [ DOI ]

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