StatPro for Mac

(for Mac OSX with Microsoft Office 2011)



IMPORTANT  (Please read before downloading): 


1)     This is beta software – it is still being tested by me and the TAs.  Most of the basic functions seem to work, but we have not checked that the answers you get from this version correspond with the Windows version.  We are NOT responsible for any bugs or problems (for example, with homework assignments) they may cause.  Our official recommendation is still to use the Windows version of StatPro with Boot Camp or Parallels.


2)     I have tested this software on a Macbook Air (Intel) running Mac OSX 10.7.1 (Lion) and Microsoft Office 2011.  It installs properly and the basic functions seem to work.  It will definitely not work with Office 2008, you need Office 2011. 


3)     There are some differences in functionality between the Mac and Windows versions.  For example in the Mac version, if you want the output to appear on the same worksheet, you need to specify a cell rather than just choosing “to the right of the data”.  So if you are following the tutorials linked to in the notes, some of the steps will be different.  All of the basic functions we will use in class seem to also be in the Mac version, but we have not tested them to be sure they work correctly.


Again, just so we are clear:  If you run into problems with this software, we may not be able to help you.  You have been warned.



Download StatPro for Mac  (requires Booth username and password)



Note:  If you have installed the Windows version before, be aware this works differently.  With the Mac version you only need one file called StatPro-mac.xla.




1)     Save the file above to your Mac hard drive (default location is usually “Downloads”).


2)     Open Excel 2011, choose “Tools” from the menu bar at the very top of the screen, and select “Add-Ins”.


3)     Click the “Select” button, find the file StatPro-mac.xla you saved in step 1, select it, and click “Open”.


4)     StatPro should now appear under “Add-Ins Available”.  Check the box next to it and hit “OK”. 


5)     StatPro should now appear on the top menu bar between “Data” and “Window”.