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Welcome to my web page. Here you can find just about anything I've ever written.

The Contact information page has all the ways to contact me, media contact information, and few more pictures in different sizes.

The Short Bio has a few paragraphs describing me and my work. If you have to introduce me, please don't read it all. There are more pictures with links to hi-resolution versions on my contact page .

The Vita includes a chronological list of all papers, with links and citation information. The disclosure statement lists all outside activities and potential perceived conflicts.

The Research link will take you to all my academic writing, including published books, papers, working papers and comments. It includes comments and talks given at academic conferences. It also has information about my textbook, Asset Pricing

The News, Op-eds link takes you includes op-eds, blog posts, links to media coverage, slides and videos of talks, and other items of interest to the average non-academic.

I usually post slides of any talk I've given, so if there was some delicious graph you saw at a talk, you're likely to find it in the Research (for academic talks) or News (for other talks) links.

In December 2011 I started a blog with news and opeds and commentary.

Teaching takes you to class web pages. Students: these are the right web pages. Booth sometimes echoes old and out-of-date information to other sites. Visitors: you are welcome to use any of my materials that you find useful, so long as you cite their source. All: yes, the problem set answer links don't lead anywhere when I'm not teaching.

Data and Programs takes you to a webpage with data and programs for older papers. Starting 2011, I'm posting links to data and programs next to the paper on these pages, but I haven't yet cleaned up the old papers to that method.

If you're a sailplane pilot looking for Soaring writing, go to the soaring link. If you're an economist but flying gliders sounds a lot more interesting than whatever else brought you here, go ahead and take a look.

I'm a proud father and husband of a creative family. Check out the Family web page, with art, comics, animation, music, plus the famous Hippo pages. Warning: If you click this link you may not be back for an hour or two. My wife, Elizabeth Fama is a young adult book author, is her web page and blog, her latest books are Monstrous Beauty and Plus One. My daugher Sally's paintings and blog are worth a detour.

This is (July 2011) a big web site redesign. Please let me know about inevitable bugs, broken links, etc.

What's new? (Less than 3 years old)

Academic articles and working papers

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Op-eds, blog posts, essays, articles, and other digestible writing

Note: I started a blog in January 2012, and don't echo the blog posts here.

More Op-eds and other writing... now organized by subject,
European debt crisis
Current economic situation and policy
Asset markets
Financial crisis, Financial rgulation
Monetary policy; inflation, deficits, fiscal theory
Fiscal stimulus
Health insurance
General economics, philosophical debates

Academic Talks and Comments

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News, TV, Radio, other media

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Materials provided are for educational use only. Published articles are the Copyright of their respective publishers. All other material is Copyright © John H. Cochrane. You're welcome to use any of my material for eductional or non-commercial use, provided it is in its original form, and I am recognized as its author. Please post links rather than post copies of the files, so that your users get any updates which I post here.

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