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This section is a compilation of opeds, bigger blog posts, talks, and a few articles, aimed at an audience that doesn't want an equation every three lines. Academic talks and comments are on the research page. My blog contains more topical commentary. This is organized (roughly) by subject and then reverse chronoligical order.

Note: external links seem to die over time, especially to media.

The sections:

General economics, policy, politics, philosophical debates
Asset markets
Financial crisis, Financial regulation
Monetary policy; inflation, deficits, fiscal theory
Fiscal policy, fiscal stimulus
Health insurance
European debt crisis
Interviews and other media

General economics, philosophical debates, politics

Asset markets

Financial crisis, financial regulation

Macroeconomics, monetary policy, inflation, deficits, fiscal theory

Fiscal Policy, Fiscal Stimulus

Health insurance and economics

Note: These opeds summarize “Health-Status Insurance ” written for Cato and “Time consistent health insurance” in the JPE, both in the health insurance and economics section of my research webpage . Articles by Barrons and American Spectator explain the ideas perhaps better than I do.

European debt crisis

Interviews, and other media