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Cochrane_glider.jpg Me, polishing the tail before takeoff. Photo by Chris Strong for the Booth alumni magazine

Ok you’re not really a glider pilot, but this looks like a nice break from asset pricing and macroeconomics, doesn't it? Go to the SSA (Soaring Society of America) web page to see what gliders look like and where you can try it. If you go out to an airport, say “trial lesson” and make them put you in front. Don’t say “ride” or they’ll treat you like a tourist, stuff you in back and charge you too much.

The Life to the max show video is a nice introduction to what gliding is about. More advanced flying Videos (youtube links): Aerobatics over the Alps; Soaring in Chile (grand prix footage)

I fly mostly at the Williams soaring center. I used to fly at the Chicago Glider club, southwest of Joliet.

More pictures (at the bottom of this page)

Northern Illinois contest (NISC)

Soaring forecasts for northern Illinois.

NISC rules for 2014. (No changes 2014. Read the rules! )
Rules crib sheet (thanks to John DeRosa)
The worldwide soaring turnpoint exchange has the turnpoint and landpoint database for NISC.

2014 NISC results (pdf format); results in excel format.

2013 NISC results (text format); results in excel format.
2012 NISC results (text format); results in excel format.
2012 Sky soaring mini-contest scoresheets: FAI class, Sports (PW5) class. Zip file of flight logs
2011 NISC results (text format); results in excel format.
2010 NISC results (text format); results in excel format..
2009 NISC results (mht format); results in excel format.  
2008 NISC results;  results in excel format.
2007 NISC results

Some long tasks using Northern Illinois turnpoints.
Illinois Soaring forecast links. My weekend morning forecast ritual


MacCready and other theory of how to fly contests

Safety and rules

Other Articles

Contest Corner

Since Feb 2006 I have been writing the “contest corner” column for Soaring Magazine.
Here’s a list of topics I have in mind for future columns. Feel free to suggest other topics or to let me know which of these you want to hear sooner rather than later.

Here are drafts of upcoming columns and repository of old columns.

Karl Striedieck classics

These are most of Karl’s “contest corner” articles. They are copyright © Karl Striedieck, so check with him before republishing or reproducing. Dates are my best guesses based on the Soaring Magazine index

The US Team and the Rules December 2003
Tweaking the TAT November 2002
User Friendly Contests December 2000
World View Jan 2001
A Better Sniffer August 2002
Bridging the Gap Feburary 2003
Club/Sports issues October 2000
The SRA December 2001
Contest Fees June 2004
Crewless Pilots December 1999
Going it Alone (more crewless pilots, not how Karl wins contests without leeching.)
GPS flight recorders
GPS starts I August 1999
GPS starts II July 2001
H2woe November 2004
MAT Rules report May 1999
Mommy, where do rules come from March 2000
Odds and ends May 2003
Rules Complication August 2000
Tasking October 2002
The CD June 2002
The Scoring Program
The Troops February 2004
The Turn Area Task

More Photographs

Albert Lea Takeoff Ready for takeoff at Albert Lea 18m nationals. Photo by Paul Remde.
BB Hobbs Finish Finish, Nationals at Hobbs
ephrata_landing.jpg Landing at Ephrata 20009 18m nationals