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John Cochrane Winter/Spring 2014

Writing tips for PhD students. Our main goal will be to apply (and maybe improve on) these principles.

The Rhetoric of Economics Deirdre McCloskey

Economical Writing Deirdre McCloskey

Thurber's version of a night before Christmas in the Hemingway style. The original At some point let's try to improve on Thurber

On Writing Well William Zinsser. A must read book on the art of nonfiction writing.

Learn to Write Badly: How to Succeed in the Social Sciences. Michael Billig. I haven't read it yet, but it looks great.

An Economists' Guide to Visualizing Data A nice article in the Journal of Economic Perspectives on how not to do plots

Classical English Rhetoric Ward Farnsworth. Thanks to Alexander Zentefis for pointing this out and giving me a copy. It's great.

Plan: we will collaborate via google docs to edit manuscripts in real time. Put something of yours or something else you found interesting in the google drive folder.

Collect examples of good and bad writing, and share these. Send me a link or share via the google doc folder.

We meet Fridays at Noon, location TBA