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Forthcoming and Published Papers

Information Hierarchies (with Ben Brooks and Emir Kamenica)
  Accepted at Econometrica. Most recent draft August 2021.

Improving Information from Manipulable Data (with Navin Kartik) 
 Journal of the European Economic Association, February 2022 [20(1):79-115].

Which Findings Should Be Published? (with Max Kasy) 
Online Appendix
  Accepted at AEJ: Micro. Most recent draft December 2020.

Selecting Applicants
, March 2021. [89(2):615-645]

Quantifying Information and Uncertainty (with Emir Kamenica)
  American Economic Review, October 2019 [109(10):3650-3680]

Muddled Information (with Navin Kartik)
  Journal of Political Economy, August 2019 [127(4):1739-1776]

A Note on Interval Delegation (with Manuel Amador and Kyle Bagwell)
  Economic Theory Bulletin, October 2018 [6(2):239-249]

What Kind of Central Bank Competence? (with Navin Kartik)
  Theoretical Economics, May 2018 [13:697-728]
  An earlier version with a different focus was circulated under the title What Kind of Transparency?

Discounted Quotas
  Journal of Economic Theory, November 2016 [166:396-444]

Delegating Multiple Decisions
  AEJ: Micro, November 2016 [8(4):16-53]

Suspense and Surprise (with Jeff Ely and Emir Kamenica)
  Online Appendix
  Journal of Political Economy, February 2015 [123(1):215-260]
    Press: New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Freakonomics (1), Freakonomics (2)

Taxation of Couples under Assortative Mating
  AEJ: Policy, August 2014 [6(3):155-177]

Aligned Delegation
  Online Appendix
  American Economic Review, January 2014 [104(1):66-83]

Experts and Their Records (with Michael Schwarz)
  Economic Inquiry, January 2014 [52(1):56-71]