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Working Papers

Evaluation and Learning in R&D Investment (with Joshua Krieger, Danielle Li, and Dimitris Papanikolaou)
  December 2022

Comparisons of Signals (with Ben Brooks and Emir Kamenica)
  March 2023

Test-Optional Admissions (with Wouter Dessein and Navin Kartik)
  April 2023
  Press: VoxEU


Forthcoming and Published Papers

Information Hierarchies (with Ben Brooks and Emir Kamenica)
  Econometrica, September 2022 [90(5):2187-2214]

Improving Information from Manipulable Data (with Navin Kartik) 
  Journal of the European Economic Association, February 2022 [20(1):79-115].

Which Findings Should Be Published? (with Max Kasy) 
Online Appendix
  AEJ: Micro, February 2022 [14(1):1-38]

Selecting Applicants
, March 2021 [89(2):615-645]

Quantifying Information and Uncertainty (with Emir Kamenica)
  American Economic Review, October 2019 [109(10):3650-3680]

Muddled Information (with Navin Kartik)
  Journal of Political Economy, August 2019 [127(4):1739-1776]

A Note on Interval Delegation (with Manuel Amador and Kyle Bagwell)
  Economic Theory Bulletin, October 2018 [6(2):239-249]

What Kind of Central Bank Competence? (with Navin Kartik)
  Theoretical Economics, May 2018 [13:697-728]
  An earlier version with a different focus was circulated under the title What Kind of Transparency?

Discounted Quotas
  Journal of Economic Theory, November 2016 [166:396-444]

Delegating Multiple Decisions
  AEJ: Micro, November 2016 [8(4):16-53]

Suspense and Surprise (with Jeff Ely and Emir Kamenica)
  Online Appendix
  Journal of Political Economy, February 2015 [123(1):215-260]
  Press: New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Freakonomics (1), Freakonomics (2)

Taxation of Couples under Assortative Mating
  AEJ: Policy, August 2014 [6(3):155-177]

Aligned Delegation
  Online Appendix
  American Economic Review, January 2014 [104(1):66-83]

Experts and Their Records (with Michael Schwarz)
  Economic Inquiry, January 2014 [52(1):56-71]