2022 Project Announcement

Dear students,

We are excited to announce the team projects for Bus 40721: Healthcare Analytics Laboratory, which we are offering this Winter quarter 2022. In this class, you will analyze large datasets to help real-world healthcare institutions improve their delivery of care. You will also hone your presentation skills through bi-weekly in-class presentations, culminating in a final presentation to senior healthcare leaders.

The projects this year strike to heart of central issues in healthcare delivery today. I have listed the project titles below. You will find detailed project definitions posted at UChicago Box (a UChicago affiliation is required to view the project descriptions).

Project titles and sponsors:

  1. A Strategic Analysis of Telehealth Services in the Wake of COVID-19 - (University of Chicago Medicine)
  2. Business Case for an AI Algorithm to Optimize Surgical Teams - (University of Chicago Medicine)

For further information about the course, please see the course description posted on the Chicago Booth curriculum website. Registration will be through an application process only.

To apply, click on the link below to submit a resume and project choices:

The project assignment process incorporates a careful review of each student's preferences and related experiences/skills/prior coursework. We cannot guarantee every student will be assigned to one of their most preferred projects but every attempt will be made. Teams are constructed to maximize student learning, prior experiences, skill sets and career focus that align with the project definition.

If you have any questions, please contact healthcarelab@chicagobooth.edu.

Dan Adelman
Charles I. Clough, Jr. Professor of Operations Management