Unpublished and In-Progress Papers

Unpublished Papers

"Antitrust and Not for Profits; The Case of Hospitals", (with C. Capps and G. David), mimeo (2010).

"Statistical Supplement to The Antitrust Economices of Credit Card Networks: Reply to Evans and Schmalensee Comment, 63 Antitrust Law Journal 903 (1995)", (with Alan Frankel), (May 1997).

"The Empirical Importance of Delivery Lags as an Explanation of Demand", (1984).

"The Cost of Eliminating a Furtures Market and the Effect of Inflation on Market Interrelationships", (1984).

"Modeling the Housing Allowance Program", M.A. Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (September 1974).

In-Progress Papers

Theoretical analysis of firm size, information, price rigidity, and product variety.

Empirical analysis of business cycle effects on firm size distributions.

Analysis of growth of futures markets and the effect of this growth on the industrial organization of related industries.