Managing Service Operations, Bus 40110

Here is a sample syllabus.

Here is a 3 Part series of small cases I wrote to to introduce the basic ideas of process flows for a service: Harold's Hot Dogs I, II, III.

Operations Management, Business Process Fundamentals, Bus 40000.

Here is a sample syllabus.

Riverside Fashions is a case I wrote from my experience with apparel manufacturing. It sets up the problems a traditional apparel manufacturer is having using batch production. A teaching note and slides are available for instructors which details the ''solution'' for the firm.


Beamer Lecture Macros: A system I developed to make using the LaTeX-Beamer class especially nice for teaching purposes. One command will generate four versions of your slides from one LaTeX source file. A [Class] hand-out version that hides selected materials. A [Note] version with your lecture slide on top and your notes on bottom. A [Post-class] version for students with hidden material revealed. And of course a full Lecture version for use during your lecture.

Operations Quadrangle: A small text booklet that covers the basics of process flow analysis, queueing models, and inventory management.

2023 - 2024 Course Schedule

Number Title Quarter
36109 Advanced Decision Models with Python 2024 ( (Spring) )