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Walker, J., Risen, J. L., Gilovich, T., & Thaler, R. (in press). Sudden-death aversion: Avoiding superior options because they feel riskier. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. [Download]

Tian, D., Schroeder, J., Haubl, G., Risen, J. L., Norton, M. I., & Gino, F. (in press). Enacting rituals to improve self-control. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. [Download]

Woolley, K., & Risen, J. L. (in press). Closing your eyes to follow your heart: Avoiding information to protect a strong intuitive preference. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. [Download]

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  • Selected as Editors' Choice by Science (April 2011)

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Hosey, C., & Risen, J. L. Moralizing goals enhances goal commitment and pursuit.

Kim, T., Sezer, O., Schroeder, J., Risen, J. L., Gino, F., & Norton, M. I. Group rituals improve social coordination and effort.

Schroeder, J., & Risen, J. L., Gino, F., & Norton, M. I. Handshaking promotes cooperative dealmaking.

Woolley, K., Risen, J. L., McGill, A. L. Word-of-mouth for deal purchases: Signaling competence while saving money.


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