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Working Papers

1. Aveklouris, A., L. DeValve, A. Ward, Matching Impatient and Heterogeneous Demand and Supply, major revision, Operations Research.

2. DeValve, L., J. Myles. Base-Stock Policies are Close to Optimal for Newsvendor Networkssubmitted, Management Science.

3. Zhao, Y., J. Birge, L. DeValve, R. Inman. Managing Multi-Tier Inventory Networks with Expediting Under Normal and Disrupted Modessubmitted, M&SOM 2023 Practice-Based Research Competition.

4. DeValve, L., Cost Balancing for Sparse Newsvendor Networks, in preparation.

5. DeValve, L., J. Song, Y. Wei. Assemble-to-Order Systems, forthcoming book chapter in Research Handbook on Inventory Management

6. Birge, J., L. DeValve. Inventory Placement on a Network, in preparation.

7. Aveklouris, A., L. DeValve, A. Ward. A Blind, Greedy Policy for a Matching Network with Reneging, in preparation.

Journal Publications

1. DeValve, L., S. Pekeč, Y. Wei, Approximate Submodularity in Network Design Problemsforthcoming, Operations Research.

2. DeValve, L., S. Pekeč, Optimal Price/Advertising Menus for Two-Sided Media Platforms, Operations Research, 2022.

3. DeValve, L., Y. Wei, D. Wu, R. Yuan, Understanding the Value of Fulfillment Flexibility in an Online Retailing Environment, M&SOM, 2021

4. DeValve, L., S. Pekeč, Y. Wei, A Primal Dual Approach to Analyzing ATO Systems, Management Science, 2020.

5. Begue, M., L. DeValve, D. Miller, B Steinhurst, Spectrum and Heat Kernel Asymptotics on General Laakso SpacesFractals, 2012.