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Published and Accepted Papers

Cybersecurity Risk

with Chris Florackis, Christodoulos Louca, and Roni Michaely
Review of Financial Studies
Other Versions: NBER, CES-ifo, BFI, SSRN
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IQ Expectations and Choice

with Francesco D'Acunto, Daniel Hoang and Maritta Paloviita 
Review of Economic Studies, accepted for publication
Other Versions: NBER, BFI, SSRN
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Signaling Safety

with Roni Michaely and Stefano Rossi 
Journal of Financial Economics (2021), 139(2): 405-427.
Other Versions: NBER
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non-refereed publications

Working Papers

Nominal Rigidities and Asset Pricing

Winner of the Top Finance Graduate Award
UBS Best Conference Paper Prize at the EFA Annual Meeting 2014
2014 EFA Best Doctoral Student Conference Paper Prize
Best Finance PhD Award in Honor of Prof. Greenbaum (Finalist)
Cubist Systematic Strategies PhD Candidate Award for Outstanding Research
Best PhD Student Paper Award, FMA European Conference 2014
revise and resubmit, Journal of Political Economy
Other versions: SSRN
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Monetary Policy through Production Networks: Evidence from the Stock Market

with Ali Ozdagli
Other versions: SSRN, NBER, CES-ifo, BFI 
revise and resubmit, Journal of Finance
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Big G

with Lydia Cox, Gernot J. Müller, Ernesto Pasten, and Raphael Schoenle 
Other Versions: NBER, CES-ifo, BFI, SSRN
revise and resubmit, Journal of Political Economy
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Forward Guidance and Household Expectations

with Olivier CoibionDimitris Georgarakos, and Yuriy Gorodnichenko 
Other Versions: NBER, CES-ifo, IZA, BFI, SSRN
revise and resubmit, Journal of the European Economic Association
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A Temporary VAT Cut as Unconventional Fiscal Policy

with Rüdiger Bachmann, Benjamin Born, Olga Goldfayn-Frank, Georgi Kocharkov, and Ralph Luetticke
Other Versions: SSRN
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Missing Data in Asset Pricing Panels

with Joachim Freyberger, Björn Höppner, and Andreas Neuhierl
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