Pradeep K. Chintagunta

Pradeep Chinagunta

Pradeep K. Chintagunta conducts research into the analysis of household purchase behavior, pharmaceutical markets, and technology products. "A lot of my early research was with scanner panel data trying to understand how consumers respond to different marketing activities of firms - prices, promotions, advertising, etc.," explained Chintagunta. "My research has recently expanded into the field of "development marketing" - the application of marketing tools to improve outcomes for small businesses, healthcare, agriculture, etc. in emerging markets. I am also interested in understanding the effects of Marketing on the broader ecosystem beyond consumers and firms to develop a more holistic understanding of the role of marketing in society."

Chintagunta is on the advisory editorial board of Quantitative Marketing and Economics, the Journal of Marketing, and the Journal of Marketing Research. His work has appeared in the Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, Management Science, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, the Journal of the American Statistical Association, and the Journal of Econometrics.

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