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I am an Assistant Professor of Operations Management at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. I study the interplay between algorithms, incentives, and learning. I am mainly interested in advancing the theoretical methodologies and foundations of market design and revenue management, and applying these methodologies to design faster and more efficient online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. My primary research topics include:

(i) Algorithmic mechanism design and game theory,
(ii) Online learning theory and applications in operations research,
(iii) Online algorithms and optimization in markets and platforms,
(iv) Algorithmic aspects of machine learning in operations research.

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What's New?

[Nov 2020] New working paper "Combinatorial Bernoulli Factories: Matchings, Flows, and Other Polytopes" is out! 

[Nov 2020] My paper "Bernoulli Factories and Black-Box Reductions in Mechanism Design" is now accepted in Journal of the ACM (JACM)! 

[Oct 2020] Conference version of "Batching and Optimal Multi-stage Bipartite Allocations" is now accepted in ITCS 2021! 

[Oct 2020] New working paper "Near-optimal Bayesian Online Assortment of Reusable Resources" is out! 

[Oct 2020] My paper "Fast Core Pricing for Rich Advertising Auctions" is now accepted in Operations Research! 

[Sep 2020] Conference versions of two of my recent working papers are now accepted:
(i) "Stochastic Two-stage Matching with Application to Ride Hailing" is accepted in SODA 2021! 
(ii) "Stateful Posted Pricing with Vanishing Regret via Deterministic MDPs"  is accepted in NeurIPS 2020!

[Aug 2020] New working paper "Batching and Optimal Multi-stage Bipartite Allocations" is out!

[Show More] [July 2020] I am now an assistant professor at Chicago Booth!

[June 2020] New working paper: “Stateful Posted Pricing with Vanishing Regret via Dynamic Deterministic Markov Decision Processes”

[Feb 2020]
 Three new working papers:
(i)  "Two-stage Matching and Pricing with Applications to Ride Hailing"
(ii)  "Online Learning via Offline Greedy Algorithms: Applications in Market Design and Optimization"
(iii) "Sequential Submodular Maximization and Applications to Ranking an Assortment of Products"

[Dec 2019] New working paper "Linear Programming Based Online Policies for Real-time Assortment of Reusable Resources" is out! 

[Nov 2019] New working paper "Linear Programming Based Near-Optimal Pricing for Laminar Bayesian Online Selection" is out!


The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
5807 South Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637
Office: HC-303
Phone: 773-834-6247
Email: rad.niazadeh@chicagobooth.edu

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