Working Papers

Current Working Papers  

"Contract Labor and Firm Growth in India” (joint with Chang-Tai Hsieh and Nick Tsivanidis), mimeo, 2021.

"Do Workfare Programs Live Up to Their Promises? Experimental Evidence from Côte d'Ivoire" (joint with Bruno Crépon, Alicia Marguerie and Patrick Premand), mimeo, 2021. 

"Investing in influence: Investors, portfolio firms, and political giving" (joint with Matilde Bombardini, Raymond Fisman, Francesco Trebbi and Eyub Yegen, mimeo, 2020.  

"Coming apart? Cultural distances in the United States over time" (joint with Emir Kamenica), mimeo, 2020.

"Social Norms, Labor Market Opportunities, and the Marriage Gap for Skilled Women" (joint with Patricia Cortés, Claudia Olivetti and Jessica Pan), mimeo, 2020.

"Teaching Labor Laws: Evidence From a Randomized Control Trial in South Africa" (joint with Bruno Crépon), mimeo, 2019.

Older Working Papers

"Politicians, Firms and the Political Business Cycle: Evidence from France” (joint with Francis Kramarz, Antoinette Schoar and David Thesmar), mimeo, University of Chicago (2009).

"Profitable Investments or Dissipated Cash? Evidence on the Investment-Cash Flow Relationship from Oil and Gas Lease Bidding" (joint with Sendhil Mullainathan), NBER Working Paper Series, February 2005, no. w11126

"Corporate Governance and Executive Pay: Evidence from Takeover Legislation" (joint with Sendhil Mullainathan), mimeo, University of Chicago and MIT (2001).

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