Chronological List of all Research

“Predicting and Preventing Gun Violence: An Experimental Evaluation of READI Chicago” (joint with Monica Bhatt, Sara Heller, Max Kasputin and Chris Blattman), The Quarterly Journal of Economics, forthcoming.

“Coming Apart? Cultural Distances in the United States over Time” (joint with Emir Kamenica), mimeo, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, forthcoming.

“Organization of the State: Home Assignment and Bureaucrat Performance” (joint with Robin Burgess and Guo Xu), Journal of Law, Economics and Organizations, forthcoming.

“Supporting Community College Student Success: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial” (joint with Kelly Hallberg, Kenny Hofmeister and Brittany Morgan), Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 2022: 1-19.

“On the Persistence of the China Shock: Comment,” Brookings Papers on Economic Activity: Fall 2021, 2022.

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“Improving Educational Pathways to Social Mobility: Evidence from Norway’s ‘Reform 94’” (joint with Magne Mogstad and Jack Mountjoy), Journal of Labor Economics, 2021, 39 (4): 965-1010.

“Teaching Labor Laws: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial in South Africa” (joint with Bruno Crepon), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2021, 13 (4): 125-149.

“Social Norms, Labor Market Opportunities, and the Marriage Market Penalty for Skilled Women,” (joint with Patricia Cortes, Claudia Olivetti, and Jessica Pan), Review of Economic Studies,
2021, 88 (4): 1936–1978.

“Measuring the Labor Market at the Onset of the COVID-19 Crisis: Evidence from Traditional and Non-Traditional Data” (joint with Alexander W. Bartik, Feng Lin, Jesse Rothstein and Matthew Unrath, forthcoming, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity-Special Edition: COVID-19 and the Economy, 2020. Appendix.

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"The New Employment Landscape: Assessing the Role of Globalization," in Samuel Estreicher ed., New York University 52d Annual Conference on Labor: Global Competition and the American Employment Landscape As We Enter the 21st Century, Kluwer Legal International, 2000.


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