Working Papers

"Mandatory CSR and Sustainability Reporting: Economic Analysis and Literature Review," with Hans Bonde Christensen and Luzi Hail (April 2021).

          The appendix with a "Structured Overview of CSR Literature" can be found here.

"Reporting Regulation and Corporate Innovation," with Matthias Breuer and Steven Vanhaverbeke (August 2020).

"The Death of a Regulator: Strict Supervision, Bank Lending and Business Activity," with Joao Granja (June 2020).

"Going the Extra Mile: Distant Lending and Credit Cycles," with Joao Granja and Raghuram G. Rajan (December 2020).

"Who Falls Prey to the Wolf of Wall Street? Investor Participation in Market Manipulation," with Steffen Meyer, Maximilian Muhn, Eugene Soltes, and Andreas Hackethal (November 2017). 

"Disclosure and the Cost of Capital: Evidence from Firms’ Responses to the Enron Shock," with Catherine Schrand (November 2011).

"Economic Consequences of Financial Reporting and Disclosure Regulation: A Review and Suggestions for Future Research," with Peter Wysocki (March 2008).

This paper is superceded by the "The Economics of Disclosure and Financial Reporting Regulation: Evidence and Suggestions for Future Research" (Leuz and Wysocki, Journal of Accounting Research, 2016).



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